Look Who’s Needin’ Who

I haven’t forgot the day you left me
The chances are I never will
I cried at least a month of Sundays
But I wondered if my heart would ever heal
And you knew how much 1 needed you
But still you turned away
Now you wantin’ to come back to me
Afraid you made a big mistake
You hope it’s not too late

Well look who’s needin’ who
It’s not me crying over you
I know just what you been through
Ain’t it strange
time changes things
Now look who’s needing who

I don’t want you thinking that I’m a cold heart
I’m not trying to turn my back on you
But the fire of love ain’t always welcome
You’ve been through a time or two
If I remember right

It wasn’t me who threw our love away
Have you forgot
not so long ago
I were where you are today
It was me begging you to stay

Thanks to anyone who can put me right on the missing words and put me right
on those that I’ve gotten wrong.