Lonely Quit Knockin’ at My Door

Lonely quit knockin’ on my door
Sadness don’t follow me around
You’re always by my side
Watchin’ every tear I’ve cried
Lonely quit knockin’ on my door

The picture that I’m lookin’ at right now
Is not the one she painted when we met
All I thought I had is gone
And I’m needin’ to move on
But a reason to just hasn’t hit me yet

My world blacked out the moment that she left
She slammed the door and didn’t say a word
Add them all up into one
Thunder lightning and big guns
And that’s still the loudest sound I ever heard

A man trapped behind a cell room wall
His time’s for life and nothin’ left to fear
He’s under lock and key and he’s just the same as me
But a different kind of sentence put me here