Little Glass Of Wine

Come little girl let’s go get married
My love is so great, how can you slight me
I’ll work for you both late and early
At my wedding my little wife you’ll be

Oh Willie dear, let’s both consider
We’re both too young to be married now
When we’re married, we’re bound together
Let’s stay single just one more year

He went to the bar where she was dancing
A jealous thought came to his mind
I’ll kill that girl, my own true lover
Before I let another man beat my time

He went to the bar and called her to him
She said Willie dear, what you want with me
Come and drink wine with the one that loves you
More than anyone else you know, said he

While they were at the bar a-drinking
That same old thought came to his mind
He’d kill that girl, his own true lover
He gave her poison in a glass of wine

She laid her head over on his shoulder
Said Willie dear, please take me home
That glass of wine that I’ve just drinken
Has gone to my head and got me drunk

He laid his head over on the pillow
Let me read you the law let me tell you my mind
Molly dear, I’m sorry to tell you
We both drank poison in a glass of wine

They folded their arms around each other
They cast their eyes unto the sky
Oh God, oh God, Ain’t this a pity
That the both true lovers are bound to die