Little Bessie

Hug me close dear mother closer
Put your arms around me tight
For I am cold and tired, dear mother
And I feel so strange tonight

Something hurts me here, dear mother
Like a stone upon my breast
Oh I wonder, wonder mother
Why it is I cannot rest

All the day as you were working
And I lay upon my bed
I was trying to be patient
And to think of what you said

How the King, Blessed Jesus
Loves His lambs to watch and keep
Oh, I wish He would come and take m
In His arms that I might sleep

Just before the lamps were lighted
Just before the children came
While the room was very quiet
I heard someone call my name

All at once a window opened
On a field of lambs and sheep
Some far out were in a brook drinking
Some were lying fast asleep

In a moment I was looking
On a world so bright and fair
Which was filled with little children
And they seemed so happy there

They were singing oh so sweetly
Sweetest songs I ever heard
They were singing sweeter mother
Than our own little birds

But I could not see the Savior
Though I strained my eyes to see
And I wonder if He saw me
Would He speak to such as me

All at once a window opened
One so bright upon me smiled
And I knew it must be Jesus
When He said come here, my child

Come up here, little Bessie
Come up here and live with me
Where little children never suffer
Suffer through eternity

Then I thought of all you told me
Of that bright and happy land
I was going when you called me
When you came and kissed my hand

And at first I felt so sorry
You had called, I would go
Oh, to sleep and never suffer
Mother, don’t be crying so

Hug me close dear mother closer
Put your arms around me tight
Oh how much I love you mother
And how strong I feel tonight

And her mother pressed her closer
To her own dear burdened breast
On the heart so near it’s breaking
Lay the heart so near it’s rest

At the solemn hour of midnight
In the darkness calm and deep
Laying on her mother’s bosom
Little Bessie fell asleep