Little Benny

One night as the stars were all shining
Little Benny knelt down by his bed
He asked the dear Lord to forgive him
For all the bad words he had said

   Please papa don’t whip little Benny
   Please papa don’t whip little Ben
   He’s little and wants you to love him
   Please papa don’t whip little Ben

You remember how Mama loved Benny
How she kissed him the morning ahe died
She told him to love and obey you
And I know little Benny has tried

Oh what if dear Mama in Heaven
Should be looking way down from the sky
And see you whip little Benny
I know it would make Mama cry

Those very bad words that he said
He learned from some old wicked men
He’s little and didn’t know better
Please papa don’t whip little Ben