Lights On The Hill

It’s a long straight road and my engines a wheeling
I can’t help but think about a good night’s sleep
And the long long road and my life are a callin’ me

These rough old hands are glued to the wheel
Five foot of fence from the way that they feel
And the lights coming over the hill are a blinding me

   There’s rain on the road and I can see the load start to shiftin’
   Too late to see the post and I haven’ got a ghost of a chance
   The windshield wipers are beatin’ in time
   The song they sing is a part of my mind
   And I can’t believe this is really happening to me

God I’m over the edge and down the mountain side
I know they’ll tell about the night I died
Between the rain and the lights on the hill are a blindin’ me

It’s a long tough road from a way down south
A mans gotta find a little food for his mouth
And a home for a girl as sweet as honey can be

So it’s down through the gears shes a startin to pull
The gage on the tank is a showin’ full
The lights comin’ over the hill are a blindin’ me