Let The Harvest Go To Seed

We plowed this field with a red mule we would rake and we would hoe
Clear away the rocks and weeds plant the seeds and watch ’em grow
Tend the crops until they’d blossom see the corn yellow and tall
If the summer rains were kindly we’d have a harvest in the fall

You have been my true companion since the day our love was young
Darling stand beside me and watch the setting sun
If I die before you do one request I ask you please
Pray Jesus take my soul let the harvest go to seed

Oh I feel like that old mountain standin’ lonesome in the sky
Where the cries of the wolf hungy winds mournful sigh
High above our little cabin lay my bones there to rest
Where the wild birds and critters still make their little nests

Oh who will reap the harvest when it ripens on the vine
Who will tend the vineyard who will drink the new wine
Darlin’ please remember let the harvest go to seed
So the wild birds and critters will have enough to eat