Last Move For Me, The

I’ve been traveling for Jesus so much of my life
Been traveling o’er land and on sea
But I’m planning on taking a trip to the sky
That will be the last move for me

   When I move to the sky up in heaven so high
   What a wonderful time that will be
   I’m ready to go washed in Calvary’s flow
   That will be the last move for me

I’ve seen wonderful sights as I travelled afar
How little, how empty they seem
When I make my last move to that city of gold
That will be the last move for me

Here I’m bothered with packing each time that I move
And carry a load in each hand
But I’ll not need one thing that I’ve used in this world
When I move to that heavenly land

Everything that I’ll need will be furnished up there
Not even my song books I’ll bring
Or the precious old Bible that showed me the way
I’ll not need when I stand by my King