Keys to the Kingdom

They called old John from the island
And they put him in the kettle to boil
And the Lord came down from heaven above
And they tell me that the oil wouldn’t boil

    Oh he had the keys to the kingdom
    And the faith unlocked the door
    Oh he had the keys to the kingdom Lord
    And the world couldn’t do him no harm

The king said to the Hebrew
When they were about to sound
Before you worship that idol God
Get ready to bow down

Well they put old Paul and Silas
Down in the jail below
While one did sing and the other did shout
And the angel unlocked the door

Go get your trumpet Gabriel
And move down by the sea
But don’t you blow that trumpet
Until you hear from me

When you think that you’ve been living right
And serving God every day
Just fall down on our bended knees
He’ll hear every word you say