Just Passin’ Through

Well it’s Friday night at the Legion hall in some Alberta town
And from the stage I see you as you look me up and down
Later on you’ll ask me if I’ll share some time with you
I’ll say sorry honey not tonight I’m just a passin’ through

Now I may be a stranger to this little country town
But in your eyes I recognize a man who gets around
You say you want to be with me and make my dreams come true
But I pay no mind I know your kind and I’m just a passin’ through

They tell me that they’ve never heard a singer quite so sweet
And when I play the fast ones it just knocks them them off their feet
Well I don’t mind the compliment but I’m nobody’s fool
I don’t pay no mind they’re not my kind
and I’m a just a passin’ through

Well I don’t know how many times before I’ve met a man like you
Who thinks I’m something special on account of what I do
I can tell you I’m no different from the girl who cooks for you
I’m just cookin’ on this old guitar and I’m singin’ songs for you

Don’t think that you’re the only one it happens all the time
You cowboys think you’ll win my prize by handing me a line
Why don’t you let me sing my songs there’s other girls to woo
And I’ll make a bet you you won’t regret that I was just a passin’ through

Well nobody told me this is how I’d have to pay my dues
But I’ll be long gone before too long ’cause I’m just a passin’ through