Jonah And The Whale

God sent Jonah to the Ninevah land
To preach the gospel to the wicked men
Tell them to repent of their wicked ways
Or I’ll overthrow the city in forty days

   God moves in a windstorm
   He rode in a windstorm
   God moves in a windstorm
   And he troubled everybody in their mind

Jonah went down to the seashore
To make up his mind which way to go
He boarded the ship and paid his fare
And God got angry with Jonah down there

Jonah went down from the side of man
And he called on Jesus to be his friend
Disobeyed God and he had to pray
The Lord sent a storm on the water that day

They cast poor Jonah overboard
God sent a whale and swallowed him whole
Went on down to the Ninevah land
And laid poor Jonah on a bed of sand

Jonah rose up from the sand
Went on walking to the Ninevah land
He preached the gospel at His command
Repent, repent you wicked men