In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain

I grew up on the side of Clinch Mountain
With the beauties and the music of the woods
The sweet song of the bright bubbling fountain
and the warble of the birds I understood

   When I’ve sung my last song in the evening
   And the sun sets in the golden west
   All the scenes of this world I’ll be leaving
   In the shadow of Clinch Mountain I will rest

Long ago said the oak and the cedar
Singing deeply in a whisper of the past
Stood not then this great towering leader
nor the fountain where the crystal gems are kept (passed?)

Then I asked how this green lofty mountain
in the caldron the lonely desert stood
Said this song of the bright sunny fountain
We were given by the waters of the flood

Out that gate I have passed since my childhood
O’er the railway through the tunnel to the west
singing songs of the Clinch Mountain wildwoods
Song that people found and birds loved the best