I’ll Never See Your Face Again

How many times have I seen you with a tear upon your check
And that beautiful attempt at a smile
You wave good-bye and wish me well and don’t forget to write
Once again I have you counting the miles

The pained expression in your face
The frailty of your form
As you slowly faded from my sight
It’s a picture in my memory I never will forget
Though I haven’t seen your face in a while

Always looking toward the next horizon
Never looking back on where I’ve been
Tomorrow is another day you know that I’ll be back someday
I guess that’s just the way the story ends
For I find myself alone without a friend

You know for every fond farewell there always was hello
And I hoped that it would help to ease your pain
And now I stand in these new shoes
the tears are rollin’ down
For I know I’ll never see your face again