I Saw a Man at the Close of Day

I saw a man at the close of day
standing by a grocery door
His eyes were sunken his lips were parched
And I viewed him o’er and o’er

His little son stood by his side
And unto him he said
Oh father mother is sick at home
And sister cries for bread

He turned around went in at the door
He staggered up to the bar
And faltering on to the landlord sayin’
Just give me one dram more

A year or so I passed thereby
And a crowd stood round the door
When I asked the reason one replied
The drunkard is no more

Just then a hearse moved slowly by
No wife nor children near
They had gone before this foul murder
And left this world of care

Come all you jolly dram drinkers
By this a warning take
And quit the overflowing bowl
Before it is too late