I Feel Better Now

Like many times before when I awoke this morning
It seemed that all the world had turned it’s back on me
I couldn’t find nobody who wore a friendly smile
My burdens finally got me on my knees

    But I feel I better now since I stole away to Jesus
    I feel better now way down in my soul
    When I awoke this morning the skies looked mighty gray
    But I feel better now since I prayed

Sometimes I get the feeling I never should be tempted
When I think this old world should be a friendly place
But then when I get careless or cold and unconcerned
My Savior lets me know its time to pray

So when your heart is troubled and burdened down with care
And when temptations rise that seem to hard to bear
Just put your trust in Jesus He won’t turn you away
You’ll come out smiling every time you pray