He Delivered Me

When my sould was deep in sin had no peace no joy within
my Lord (my Lord) delivered (delivered) me (delivered me from bondage)
He brought me from the darkest place Set my feet on the rock to stay
My Lord (my Lord) delivered (delivered) me (he delivered me)

   My Lord (my Lord) in Love (in love) delivered (delivered) me within
   My soul he made the joybells ring he gave me wondrous victory.
   I shout (I shout) and sing (and sing) because (because) I’m gladly free
   My Lord (my Lord) delivered (delivered) me.

Praise his name forever I’ll sing
blessings to me he will ever bring
He will guide me along the way
and protect me everyday
my ……..

He will take me to his name above where I’ll live forever in his love
In that blessed home with this soul I will sing while the ages roll