Hard Luck in Heaven

While on this old earth Lord I’ve suffered I’ve cried
Things don’t work out Lord as hard as I’ve tried
I’ll have up in glory a crown for my prize
But knowin’ my luck Lord it’ll be the wrong size

    Hard luck in Heaven please say it ain’t so
    Cause down here on earth Lord it’s all that I know
    When I’m in my mansion will the roof leak there too
    Hard luck in Heaven please say it ain’t true

I’ve always been hard luck it’s always been true
So I’m not expecting any different from you
When I get my wings Lord they won’t fit me right
I’ll be flappin’ in circles o’er the city of light

Now Lord please forgive me for thinkin’ this way
But hard times just haunt me each night and each day
When the angels start singing and they hand out the harps
Knowing my luck Lord mine’ll be tuned too sharp