Happiest Days Of All, The

I wondered today on the sea shore
The waves and the winds are low
I thought of the days gone by Maud
Many long years ago

We lingered by the gently flowing billows
And watch the golden sunset fade away
And there among the sweet ocean breezes
We talked about our future wedding day

   Gathering up the shells from the sea shore
   Gathering up the shells from the sea
   Those were the happiest days of all Maud
   Gathering up the shells from the shore

When the waves are rolling on the ocean
And the golden moonbeams on the pebbles shine
At your cottage by the sea I’ll come again Maud
When the waves are rolling gently sweetheart mine

Now I am growing up in years Maud
My locks are all silver and gray
But the vows that we made on the shore Maud
Are fresh in my memory today

No more bright shells we will gather
As the waves come dashing as of yore
She lies neath the white pebbled sand
Just covered up with shells on the shore