Grapes On The Vine

There are songs that birds don’t sing to people
There are secrets you keep right through to the end
There are heros they hide until forever
And I’m singin’ this song for one of them

He’s the man that you passed on the road there
The one with his life on the loose
Goin’ either somewhere or nowhere
Goin’ without me without you

For he is this world’s constant orphan
Travelin’ out his long time
Livin’ on apples from orchards
And dyin’ from grapes on the vine

You can find him in big city winters
Out where the mission bell crys
And sorrow echos through the suburbs
And tries to close all his eyes

And dream of his railroad existance
As if it were some kind of dream
As if the extent of the distance
Were what his heart would go him

You can find him in Pittsburg at Christmas
You can find him in Buffalo in June
And he knows all the back roads between them
Like a Gypsy he pulls a broom

And it’s route twenty-two all over again
Stake it well down and try to look like sombody’s friend
Look strong at the men smile for the girls
Puzzle at the rest of the world