From The Manger To The Cross

The story’s in the Bible it’s a message sad but true
The life our Saviour lived on earth is told
Found upon the pages of the Master’s book of truth
Every word so precious to my soul

From the manger to the cross rugged cross of Calvary
The road that Jesus walked for you and me all alone
By the world forsaken still He shed His blood for me
From the manger to the cross the rugged cross of Calvary

Amidst the stranger’ss cattle where the birth of Jesus came
The lonely manger kept Him from the cold
And there was the beginning of the journey Jesus made
Today it is the greatest story told

Many wonders were revealed while here on earth He dwelled
He healed the sick and made the blind to see
Five thousand were the numbers of the hungry who did feast
He blessed and multiplied the bread and meat

No earthly treasures did He own He sought no wealth or fame
Weary was the path He had to trod
Here He suffered many things for this world knew Him not
He died upon the cross the Son of God