From Cotton To Satin

Cotton to satin
Birmingham to Manhatten
From a pick-up to a long limousine
Cotton to satin Birmingham to Manhatten
She had to follow her dream.

I saved up enough to buy her one small diamond
That’s the year our old tractor broke down
And the dream house I promised her still lies by the shade tree
Some old bricks and boards on the ground.

She begged me to take her to see New York City
So I mortgaged the farm and we were gone
While we were there she took up with a rich man
I came back to the country alone.

There is the garden where she touched every flower
There’s the meadow where we walked hand in hand
If only she’d waited she’d have more than she dreamed of
Because today they struck oil on my land.

David Parmaley; I Know A Good Thing