Forsaken Love

They stood in the moonlight beside the gate
Goodbye my darling I know you’ll wait
He sees her weeping and smile through her tears
Saying I’ve been true love through these long years

For on tomorrow at the break of day
He was to journey far far away
He held her closer his promised bride
And to her questions these words replied

   I’ve loved you always yes I’ve been true
   My heart shall ever beloved for you
   O darling believe me far over the sea
   Through life or death so faithful I’ll be

One year past by he’s coming home
His pilgrimage over no longer to roam
And smiling he thinks of her shinning eyes
Shinning with welcoming glad surprise

A dandy letter he takes from his breast
To which his extended lips were pressed
And reading once more by the warming light
These words he had spoken to her that night

Once more he seeks the old garden gate
But he rides a land alas it’s too late
The wedding is over the knot is tied
He finds his darling another’s bride

And later they found him there on the grass
A pistol near by tells what had passed
A crop of letters that explained the deed
And in the pale moonlight these words did read