Forest For The Trees

When first unto this land I came
She was a virgin paradise
The truth was there for all to see
No falsehood and no lies.

She was overflowing
With everything we need
We took so much we never saw
The forest for the trees.

This land she is my lover
She fills me with desire
Seasons come and seasons go
Earth water wind and fire.

I cleared this land with my bare hands
She gave me everything so free
She gave so much I couldn’t see
The forest for the trees.

I’m an addict with a habit
I’m kept so well supplied
With all my greed and hope and love and fear
1 can’t be satisifed.

I took my young son up on a clear cut mountain
I fell down on my knees
I prayed that he would someday see the forest for the trees
I pray that we might someday see the forest for the trees.