Footsteps So Near

There’s a tale that they tell down in ol’ Wolf County
About a murderous husband and his family of three
One day his neighbors from over the hill
it was so deathly still

The killer he left a note and I know how it read
I hope you don’t find me I’d rather be dead
Then live in your jailhouse for the rest of my days
‘Til the jury it hangs me for my wicked ways

Sometimes at night I wake to the sound
Of the men in the distance and baying of hounds
Once on a full moon in the spring of the year
I heard breaking branches and footsteps so near

Well the posse searched it was five days or more
He head in the caves gave himself up
‘Fore he got to the courthouse a man a shot him down

He said I’m not sorry for what I have done
But I cannot live like a man on the ran
I’m glad that you killed me you can dig me my grave
It can’t be much worse thanthat dark lonely cave