Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Gal

Fly around my blue-eyed gal
Fly around my daisy
Fly around my blue-eyed gal
You almost drove me crazy.

Once I had a fortune
I laid it in a trunk
Lost it all all gambling
One night when I got drunk.

Wished I was in the West country
Sittin’ in a big armchair
One arm ’round my whiskey barrel
The other ’round my dear.

If I had a scolding wife
Tell you what I’d do
Trade her off for a Barlow knife
Paddle my own canoe.

It’s every day and Sunday too
It seems so dark and hazy
I’m thinking about my blue-eyed gal
She’s done run me crazy.

If I had no horse at all
I’d be found a’ crawlin’
Up and down this rocky road
A’ looking for my dariing.

Went up on the mountain
To give my horn a blow
Thought I heard somebody say
Yonder comes my beau