Eighteen Wheels

I can’t believe you told me you don’t love me anymore
‘Cause I stayed out on the road too much to care
But ain’t I gotta make a living and it’s the only thing I know
To feed the kids and buy the clothes you wear

But if you think you’d be better off with someone else beside you
Pack your things and get on out the door
When I service up my rig and I’ll find out where I’m going
I don’t think I want to see you anymore

When I put eighteen wheels on the highway
And the freight yard fades out of sight
I put you farther from my mind with each grindin’ of the gears
I’ll be holdin’ someone else tomorrow night

There’s a pretty girl waitin’ down in Monroe
Who’ll meet me at the docks when I get in
When I’ll put eighteen wheels on the highway this time
I ain’t never coming back to you again.

All I ever wanted when I come in off the road
Was a few kind words to make me feel at home
And a hug from all the children wife beside the door
To let me know they missed me while I’s gone.

But you never once was with me
and I’ve known for oh so long
It’s a different road we’re travelin’
you and I
Don’t you try to fool me with your tears
cryin’ don’t become you
There ain’t nothin’ you can do but say good-bye