Down the Line

Born out in the country raised out on a farm
Got my education out behind a barn
Left one Sunday morning in a driving rain
Hitchhiked to the freight yard and caught the railroad train

Oh, engineer, let your whistle whine
Oh, get me out of here, a little further down the line

I’ve been to California and I’ve been to New Orleans
Been to New York City and everywhere between
I’ve eat beans and taters your finest caviar
Drank brandy from a snifter and moonshine from a jar

Spent a year in prison with a number for my name
Fed me bread and water tied to a ball and chain
I swore the day they slammed the door and the jailer locked me in
If they ever let me out of here I’ll never go back again

Been dreaming of the day when I return back to my home
its where I want to settle down never more to roam
Sit me on a tractor and point me to the fields,
I will plow the furrows my hands upon the wheel