Don’t Sell The Land

   Don’t sell the land Mama
   Please don’t sell the land
   My heart’s in these hills Mama
   please don’t sell the land

My Daddy he was born here, here in these hills
My Daddy’s lying quiet now but he’s with us still
Mama on your wedding day Daddy brought you here
Held you safely in his arms and promised his last share

I’ll help you pay the taxes we still have some time
I’ll farm that little furrow I’ll work down in the mine
I know how hard it is Mama with eleven kids to feed
But we can still make it Mama if you will hear my plea

Don’t worry about my schooling don’t need it anyhow
I’ve got to fill my Daddy’s shoes and I plan to start right now
I know you carried it all alone so Mama lean on me
We’ve lost the most important thing but we built a family