Dig A Little Deeper In The Well

Dig dig a little deeper in the well boys
Dig a little deeper in the well
If you want a good cool drink of water
You gotta dig a little deeper in the well.

My daddy used to tell me don’t be fooled by what you see
If you want to get to the heart of things you gotta look way down deep
Second place don’t get it son winners got to come in first
There’s nothin’ worse than to take a drink that leaves you with a thirst

A good man needs a good womanshe’s the rock that’ll make him strong
Now she’ll be there to lean on when the whole world’s done him wrong
Ain’t nothin’ like good lovin’ that’s how it’s meant to be
Find yourself a good woman son like your mama’s been to me.

The mighty river’s flowin’ where the water’s cool and sweet
Don’t be fooled by a muddy dream be careful when you drink
Life is what you make it sometimes a livin’ hell
If you want to find that promised land dig a little deeper in the well