Dear Old Mother

Oh, the fields were turning brown all around that southern town
The boy came down the highway all alone
And his face was looking sad, he was thinking of his dad
And his mother that he left at home sweet home

   Dear old mother how I miss you
   How I long for your sweet face and sunny smile
   I would give up all I own just to be with you at home
   And to linger there for just a little while

Oh, the morning glory vine around the cabin door would twine
And the mockingbird would sing along the tree
Then we’d take our dear old book and go down beside the brook
And there for hours she’d sit and read to me

Now I’m in this world alone, the old folks are not at home
They’ve gone up to a happier home above
The mockingbirds are singing yet and I never will forget
My mother and dad were all I had to love