Darling Corey

   Wake up wake up darling Corey
   What makes you sleep so sound
   The revenue officers are coming
   They’re gonna tear your still house down

Well the first time I seen darling Corey
She was sitting on the banks of the sea
Had a forty-four around her body
And a banjo on her knee

Go away go away darling Corey
Quit hanging around my bed
Your liquor has ruined my body
Pretty women gone to my head

Dig a hole dig a hole in the meadow
Dig a hole in the cold cold ground
Dig a hole dig a hole in the meadow
Gonna lay darling Corey down

Can’t you hear those bluebirds a singing
Don’t you hear that mournful sound
They’re preaching darling Corey’s funeral
In some lonesome graveyard ground

Wake up wake up Darlin Corey
And go get me my gun
I ain’t no man for fightin’
But I’ll die before I run