Dark and Thorny

Dark and thorny is the desert
Through which pilgrims make their way
But beyond this vale of sorrow
Lie the realms of endless day

Dear young soldiers do not murmur
At the troubles of the way
Beat the tempest fight with courage
Never faint but watch and pray

He whose thunder shakes creation
He that bids the planets roll
He that rides upon the tempest
And whose sceptre sways the whole

Jesus Jesus will defend you
Trust in him and him alone
He has shed his blood to save you
And will bring  you to his throne

There on flowering fields of pleasure
And the hills of endless rest
Joy and peace and love shall ever
Reign and triumph in your breast

There ten thousand flaming seraphs
Fly across a heavenly plain
There they sing immortal praises
Glory Glory is their theme

See the heavenly host in rapture
Gazing on the shining bands
Wondering at their costly garments
And the laurels in their hands

There upon the golden pavement
See the ransomes marched along
While the splendid courts of glory
Sweetly echo in with their song

Here I see the undershepherds
And the flock they’ve led below
Here with joy they dwell together
Jesus is their shepherd now

Hail you happy happy spirits
Welcome to the blissful plain
Glory honor and salvation
Reign sweet Jesus ever reign