Daisy Mae

Oh Daisy Mae my darling oh Daisy Mae
When I’m with you my darling all my cares away
And don’t you know sweet heart that I love you so
Cause you’re my darling precious Daisy Mae

So nice and neat your kisses so very sweet
In my opinion darling you just can’t be beat
And now that I’ve found you no one else will ever do
I’ve tried to make you happy Daisy Mae

You’re everthing you’re every song that I sing
Your lovely little hand looks lovely with that ring
It won’t be long till we hear that wedding song
And you’ll be mine all mine Miss Daisy Mae

How can I wait till we have this final date
And we’ll be married darling that will seal our fate
But laying jokes aside you’ll make a wonderful bride
And I’ll be proud of you my Daisy Mae