Charming Beauty Bright

Once I courted a fair beauty bright,
And on her I placed my whole heart’s delight;
I courted her for love, and her love I did obtain
Do you think I’ve any reason of love to complain?

But when her old father came this for to know
That me and his daughter together would go,
They locked her up and kept her so severe
That I never got sight but once more of Molly, my dear

And then I was forced to her father’s to go
To see whether my true love had forgot me, yes or no,
She made me this reply with the tears all in her eyes
I never will forget you until the day I die

Although they keep me so tightly confined
But that is no reason I shall alter my mind,
I might have had a man and a man of high degree
But I always will prove kind to the man that loves me

Then I was forced to the army to go
To see whether I could forget my love or no;
But when I got in sight with my armor shining bright
It made me think of Molly, my heart’s delight

Then seven long years I served one old king
At the end of seven years I returned home again
With my heart so full of grief and my eyes so full of tears
Oh how happy I’d a-been to got sight of my dear

O then I was forced to her father’s to go
To see whether my true love had remained, yes or no
The old woman saw me come, she wrung her hands and cried
Said,” Sir, my daughter loved you, and for your sake she died”

O then I was struck like a man that was slain
The tears from my eyes fell like showers of rain,
My grief, my grief, it is more than I can bear
My true love is in her grave and I wish I was there