Charlie And Nellie

Dear Nellie since I left the city
I’ve found I’ve changed my mind
I hope you wont think me untruthful
Or do me the least unkind

I think we’re both mistaken
I know you’ll never suit me
I owe my heart to another
Of course kind friends will agree

Please send me my ring and pictures
Also my letters and books
My clothes with many kind wishes
Respectfully yours Charlie Brooks

I heard all about it dear Charlie
I knew it would end this way
I hope you will always live happy
With your loving little wife Miss Gray

Now here’s your ring dear Charlie
Don’t give it to her I pray
Unless you tell her twas once mine
I wore it one year today

One year today dear Charlie
So happy were we both
You vowed you’d never forsake me
But I find you untrue to your oath

Here’s your picture dear Charlie
It’s almost faded away
Because I kissed it so often
And this you can tell Miss Gray

As far as your letters dear Charlie
I burned them as they came
I feared by reading them over
Would cause our love to inflame

I must say goodbye dear Charlie
My letter is near an end
Remember I’m always and always
Forever and ever your friend