Casey Jones

Come all you rounders for I want you to hear
The story of a brave engineer
Casey Jones was the rounder’s name
On an eight six-wheeler boys he won his fame

Now the caller called Casey ’bout half-past four
He kissed his wife at the station door
He mounted to the cabin with his orders in his hand
Said; “I’m gonna take my trip to the promised land”

Casey Jones mounted to the cabin
Casey Jones with his orders in his hand
Casey Jones mounted to the cabin
Said;”I’m gonna take tke my trip to the promised land

Pour on the water boys shovel on the coal
Stick your head out the window see the drivers roll
Gonna run her ’til she leaves the rail
‘Cause I’m nine hours late with the western mail

Now Casey passed out of South Memphis on the fly
Heard the firemane say ” Boy you got a white-eye “
The switchman knew by the engine’s moan
That the man at the throttle was Casey Jones

Now Casey got to that certain place
Old number nine stared him straight in the face
He said to fireman ” Boy you better jump
Cause there’s two locomotives and they’re bound to bump”

Well Mrs. Casey Jones she sat there on the bed
She got the telegram that her poor husband was dead
She said; “Go to bed children and hush your crying
‘Cause you got another papa on the Salt Lake line”