Blue Skies And Teardrops

   Blue skies and teardrops got me down
   And the wheat straw in the wind keeps blowing round and round.
   Miles full of emptiness is all I’ve found
   And the road says you’ve got to move along.

Does anybody passing by know how I feel?
As another morning settles like the dust behind my heels
In the shadow of a restless soul born on wheels
I’m bound to sing the highway’s in the song.

Now the wandering song within me is a song I’ve learned
When I heard the freight trains whistle and my head was turned
The carefree chorus of that liner as she burned
Now the lineman says you’ve got to move along.

Now I left the years and miles lying where they fell
Among the book my soul was written and the tales my shoes could tell
I left them lying there for someone else to tell
And the road says you’ve got to move along.