Blue Ridge Mountain Memories

   Blue Ridge Mountain memories
   Dreams of home so dear to me
   I wish life could be like it used to be
   In my Blue Ridge Mountain memories

I still envision that old homestead on a hillside far away
I can see the Blue Ridge Mountains where I spent my childhood days
When I start wishin’ things could be the way they were back then
I can close my eyes and wander back again

I can still see Mom and Daddy and remember how they cried
When I headed west searchin’ for a better way of life
Though I found fame and fortune I feel empty and alone
Riches can’t replace a parent’s love or home

Now Mom and Dad are resting near the Blue Ridge Mountain cabin
They sleep there overlooking the only place they’ve ever known
I’ve been all around this whole wide world but nothing can compare
To the beauty of that Blue Ridge Mountain home