Blue Diamond Mines

I remember the ways and the bygone days
When we were all in our prime
How us and John L. we gave the old man hell
Down in the Blue Diamond Mine

When the whistle blowed and the rooster crowed
Two hours before daylight
When a man done his best and he earned a good rest
And had seventeen dollars at night

   In the mines in the mines
   In the Blue Diamond Mines
   I’ve worked my (whole-1*) (poor-2*) (– -3*) life away
   In the mines in the mines
   In the Blue Diamond Mine
   Go fall on your knees and pray.

You old black gold you’ve taken my lungs
And your dust has darkened my home
And now that we’re old you’re turning your back
But where else can an old miner go

It’s  Algoma Block and it’s Big Leatherwood
And now it’s Blue Diamond too
The pits they are closing get another job
But what else can an old miner do

John L. had a dream but it’s broken it seems
And the union is letting us down
Last night they took away my hospital card
Saying why don’t you leave this old town.

So I’ll go downtown and I’ll hang around
And maybe it ain’t so bad
But when you get home your kids will meet you at the door
Saying what did you bring me dad