Blackie’s Gunman

With a draw from either hand
I was known as Blackie’s gunman
The best two gunman in the land
I could shoot the ace of diamonds

With the dice I had no equal
Some of them are with us now
Most of them are sadly sleeping
Neath the weeping willow bough

Many a cowboy’s game I’ve played in
Left that night with all their gold
As a sport I was broken
As a sport I let it go

I once loved a girl named Nellie
How we loved no tongue can tell
But I know I’ll never meet her
Oh it was hard to say farewell

Her eyes were like the deep blue water
And her hair was golden curls
And her cheeks were golden velvet
And her teeth were snow white pearls

Together we lived in a cottage
And our life it was a dream
And the angels they watched o’er us
Made our life one happy dream