Birds Were Singing Of You, The

Last night the pale moon was shining
Last night when all was still
I wandered alone in sadness
Out among the woodland hills

I heard the birds a-singing
Out among the trees and views
And every bird, my darling
Was singing, was singing of you

   Was singing, singing of you, my love
   Was singing, was singing of you
   And every bird, my darling
   Was singing, was singing of you

I think of you in the daytime
I dream of you at night
I wake and wish you were here, love,
And tears are blinding my sight

The flowers that slumber so sweetly
The stars above the blue
Oh heaven itself, my darling
Is thinking, is thinking of you

I open my window so gently
And look on the dreamy view
The world itself, my darling
Is sighing, is sighing for you