Before The Cold Winds Blow

The weather finally broke in the middle of april
Jacob loaded up his wagon with last years furs.
He’d have to make the trip alone ’cause it would be too risky
For his pretty wife sarah and the unborn child she carried with her.

It took three weeks to reach the mississippi ribbon
And he turned south toward new orleans
For a boy from the mountains it was easy to get caught up
In the sights and sounds of the city
And the things he’d never seen.

   And the river rolls on Like an endless river
   The sun light glistens on the rocks below
   He can hear her voice in the rippling water
   Saying please be home before the cold winds blow.

He fell in With a bad companion
Said give me your money or I’ll take your life
Jacob drew his pistol and in less than a heart beat
The stranger lay dead on the floor and someone had to pay the price.

And after three long years in a Louisiana prison
He stands on the hill that overlooks his farm
With his woman by his side thanks god for his blessings
And most of all for the blonde hair child resting in his arms.