Beautiful Bouquet

For pleasure I went walking out through the fields one day
I started gathering flowers to make a sweet bouquet
Each flower that I gathered. each one played a part
Each flower stood for someone held dear to my heart

   Beautiful bouquet I’m gathering today
   Picking the colours that’ll never fade away
   Each flower has a meaning so dear to me
   Each flower is a treasure chestof sweet memories

Violets for my sweetheart, a white rose for my dad
A red rose stood for mother, the best friend that I had
Forget-me-nots stood faithfully for tried true friends of mine
Daisies for the puppy loves that I left far behind

Lilies are for grandma, who watches from afar
Poppies are for brother, who lost his life at war
I put them all together, tomake a sweet bouquet
A rainbow full of colours that will never fade away