Balo’s Song

Well me and my horse Balo we’re going to the fair
We’re gonna ride the bucks and run the barrels see everything that’s there
We’re gonna wink at all the women flag a tail at all the mares
We’ll be hellbent for leather when we go to the fair

We’re gonna shave and brush and shower shine our shoes up good and bright
We’re gonna strap on all our leather stuff and cinch it up real tight
We’re gonna jog around the warm up ring and lean against the rail
And check out all that horsy stuff like eyes and legs and tails

We’re gonna jog in to the show ring with our head set good and proud
When the announcer calls the names out we hope he does it good and loud
We’re gonna win us a blue ribbon and show off for the crowd
Well I guess we’ll bring the stands down when Balo takes his bow

We’re gonna strut around the grand stand and down the old midway
I’ll be munchin’ popcorn while Balo’s chompin’ hay
We’re gonne find ourselves a saddle with something cute on either side
And me and my horse Balo might just join ’em for a ride