Anywhere The Wind Blows

Anywhere the wind blows
thats the way your heart goes
There is no warmth or fireside glow
to keep your love at home
Seems like anybody knows
enough to keep your loved ones home
yet you’re still a rolling stone
spending too much time alone

Those lovers living far away
only hear the words you want to say
They don’t make you get inside that place
you kept locked up for so long
what if someone thanks you everyday
took the best and worst and still she stayed
would you tend that garden come what may
or would you still find something wrong


If absence makes your heart grow fonder
maybe even more you’ll want to wander
’cause time stands still when you’re around her
and the real world rushes in
but if absence makes your heart grow colder
then you’re gonna cry on my shoulder
and think of things you might have told her
and sweet things that might have been