Another Broken Heart

They stood on the beach one evening
Out in the moonlight so fair
Was a boy in the prime of manhood
And a girl of beauty rare

Oh I never thought that you loved me
An innocent look of surprise
Came out from beneath her lashes
And into her deep brown eyes

    Oh sir I was only flirting
    Only a playing a part
    Just another boy’s life ruined
    Just another broken heart

Sir, I’m to be married this winter
Farewell as she gave me her hand
And throwing a robe around her
She left me alone on the sand

Now he goes where the crowd all passes
Always so bitter and cold
Just another boy’s life ruined
Just another boy grown old

There’s a rose grows in your garden
White roses the emblem of peace
And when I am dead, little darlin’
Plant that rose at my head and my feet