Last Train From Poor Valley

Well it was good one time everything was mighty fine
The coal tipples roared day and night
But things they got slow for no reason that I know
And ill winds they hove into sight

The mines all closed down everybody laid around
There wasn’t very much left to do
Except stand in that line to get your ration script on time
And woman I could see it killin’ you

Now the soft new snows of December
Lightly fall my cabin ’round And the last train from Poor Valley
Takin’ brown haired Becky Richmond bound

It’s been a comin’ on and on lord soon you would be gone
Leavin’ crossed your mind every day
Then you said to me things are bad back home you see
I guess I better be on my way

Well I should blame you know but I never could somehow
A miner’s wife you weren’t cutout to be
It wasn’t what you thought just some dreams that you’d bought
When you left home and ran away with me